How Helium Crypto Is Making a Difference

How Helium Crypto Is Making a Difference

Are you a crypto miner? Are you tired and bored with your massive power-consuming, crypto mining gadgets, and devices that don’t produce as much revenue as expected? Well, all those years are over. with helium you enter into a world of endless possibilities mining your crypto. First, let’s discuss what Helium is: Helium is a Decentralized blockchain-based wireless cryptocurrency miner. still blurry? We got you covered. 

Mining Helium provides connectivity to classes of Internet of things (IoT) by building wireless coverage through Longfi technologies, which in turn rewards with $HNT Cryptocurrencies. The amount of currency attained is calculated by the proof of coverage algorithm. All these can be achieved using unique devices which support Longfi technologies, which can be placed at a suitable location for ideal coverage.

  Helium(HNT) is in its entirety an open-source program, which signifies that anyone has access to it and can contribute to its development. Helium, known as “THE PEOPLE’S NETWORK” has a special terminology for its miners. “HNT Hotspot miners”.

Now let’s dive a little deeper into HNT mining

It is expected that in the next five (5) years, 75billion devices or things will need some way in which to wirelessly connect to the internet. Right now, connecting these things to the internet is tricky: it’s either too expensive to provide a cellular data plan or too power-consuming. What we need is a new network, one where we can change the rules. That’s where Helium comes in.

The long-range wireless technology of helium and its secured blockchain could build the ultimate network. And the best part actually is that it is built and owned by you, yes you. Isn’t that amazing?

Similar to other sharing economies, the Helium blockchain provides a two-sided market and flips a traditional telecom model on its head. On the supply side, hot-spot owners are encouraged to deploy a global wireless network and provide connectivity to earn HNT.  On the demand side, business owners and developers benefit from the people’s network through the affordable and ubiquitous connectivity for their IoT devices, from scooters, and pet tracking, to environmental sensing and crucial healthcare monitoring solutions.

Helium hot spots earn HNT by transferring data from nearby devices; the more data shared, the larger the reward. Hotspots also earn HNT by building the network and participating in proof of coverage.

To mine helium, you need a device like Bobcat.

Helium literally mines cryptocurrencies with Radio-waves, and is less power-consuming, not to forget, absolutely portable.

How to Improve Helium Crypto Revenue

There are several ways to improve Helium Crypto Revenue. Let’s have a look at Eight (8) of the most profitable ways to improve Helium revenue. In no specific order.

  1. Use Smart Plugs:  

Smart plugs can be turned on and off remotely. Turning smart plugs on and off can generally fix a lot of problems with your hotspot. And it is also handy for people who have their miners hosted. Not only that, smart plugs are very cheap. 

  1. Location:  

location plays the biggest role in determining how your miner will do. If you have a bad location, chances are your mining host would mine at an extremely low rate. A case in thought (100% of 2 coins is less than 75% of 10 coins.)

  1. Use a POE/ Hardwire your miner so they get back online faster:

If your miner has a fast boot-up system you can gain extra revenue in cases where the network goes down for a reboot.

  1. Upgrade your ANTENNA: 

Though it seems probably basic to some, an upgrade to the right Antenna to get the right DBI (not a high DBI)  can boost your earnings by 4 times. Do not get cheap Antennas, it’s worth the investment.

  1. Use low loss LMR cables: 

It is advisable to use LMR 400 or 600, not LMR 240 cables. Try getting the right cables for your Antenna, and try to have the shortest cable possible to avoid cable loss.

  1. Do not put your Antenna near Glass, Metal, or Brick:  

Glass windows reflect signals, and a clear LOS is best.

  1. Stake your HNT Tokens to earn Interest.
  2.  Get your Miner off Relayed.

5 Ways to Get Started with Helium

There are several ways to get started with Helium or HNT mining. Here are five of the most effective methods of starting helium mining: 

  1. First and foremost you have to know the cost of the available Helium Miners before venturing into mining HNT.
  2. Get a Hot with sufficient internet connection
  3. Download the Helium mining app on the play store and the app store
  4. Choosing the right frequency for mining.
  5. Another way to get into mining HNT is by connecting with a company that offers you their miner in return for a given percentage of the helium earned. Companies like Emrit make mining helium easy to get into. All you need to do is sign up for free delivery from them, and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep equipping you with the tools needed to mine.

Finally, Helium mining is the ideal go-to for cryptocurrency mining. with lightweight and low power consumption, Helium stands to be the lead for cryptocurrency mining in the present and future. The peoples’ network with its radio waves or frequency, stands to boost individual crypto revenue. two main points to note before getting started with Helium.

Remember: IT was made for you and will be developed by you. Helium is not just a crypto revenue boost, it also is an environmental maintenance Aid.                            

We invite you to join the network today and be a part of the biggest crypto mining platform. Book a Helium training course today.

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