How to improve helium crypto revenue 

How to improve helium crypto revenue 

 If you are interested in the globe of cryptocurrency and Lpwan systems, the Helium system is for you.  By amassing a Helium gateway, you assist as a negotiator of the system and earn HNT tokens as a bonus.  To put it bare, the extra you obtain from other Helium gateways from Rak wireless, Nebra, etc., the extra bonuses you will retain.  If you are independently in your city or area, it is up to you to improve the system by hosting other hotspots extra than 300 m from yours.

 I offer you 5 tips to improve your Helium network and thus have better rewards.  This article is even more relevant because the power of the gateways has been reduced to 14 dBm, so it is imperative to minimize the losses and choose a good location for your Helium hotspot.

1: choose a place with the best possible yield

 You are convinced by the project and you want to invest in a hotspot but you don’t know if you will get a good return.  You should already check if around you there are already minor hint hotspots installed.  For this, there is a map that allows you to quickly visualize the location of the miners:

This map allows you to display the hotspots but also to see the precise performance of each gateway. You will notice that isolated gateways have a very low performance compared to gateways installed in large cities such as Berlin, London, or Paris.

 As you have to start well one day, investing in a footbridge is part of a long-term project, and neighbors or friends will certainly embark on the Helium project.

 The frequency used is subject to many parameters which quickly degrade the coverage, this coverage is close to the visual coverage.  It is interesting before installing your hotspot to achieve a 360° visual coverage which will allow you to see the natural obstacles which could disturb your coverage.  To easily make this cover on the site

2: place the hotspot efficiently

 As you can see, the location of the hotspot is one of the factors that play the most on the performance of your network.  It is recommended to install the hotspot as far as possible from all electromagnetic disturbances and metal and plant obstacles.  The frequency used by the gateway is easily subject to disturbances and attenuations, which has the effect of considerably reducing operation.  You must therefore choose the location of your gateway wisely, some examples of locations:

 -Near a window, if you are in a building with good visual coverage

 -In the attic of a house

 -Outdoors a few meters above the ground

What should be remembered is that the first obstacles have a huge impact on the performance of your gateway, so be sure to try to reduce these obstacles by favoring the location.  This is the first thing to do if you do not want to invest more in the network.

3: install a more efficient antenna

 If you have installed your hotspot in a non-optimal way, its performance may be too low for your taste.  For this, you can install a more efficient antenna with a coaxial cable to deport it.  However, it is imperative to stay with a radiated power of 14dBmm.  When you install an antenna with a coaxial cable, depending on the length of this cable there is a loss but the gain provided by the antenna can compensate for this loss.  You can calculate this loss and thus know if you are still legal.

 There are several types of antennas, omnidirectional antennas, and directives.

 Omnidirectional antennas will allow you to have useful 360° coverage, for example, if you are in the center of a city.  On the other hand, if you are very remote and want to receive hotspots on a specific axis, it is recommended to use a directional antenna to concentrate the energy in one direction.  Like what is done in TV reception with directional antennas pointed at a TV relay.

4: install your hotspot outdoors

 Following the above points, you have understood that the location of the hotspot is essential.  It is quite possible to install this hotspot outdoors to get the best performance.  For this, it is necessary to place it in a waterproof system if the hotspot is not intended to be directly installed outdoors like the Nebra Outdoor and its POE injector.

You can leave the original antenna installed on the gateway inside the box for more discretion.

 It will be necessary to power the hotspot with a waterproof extension cord and an ethernet network cable to connect your miner to your Internet network.

5: invite your friends to install a hotspot

 The key to the success of the Helium project is network coverage, for this, you need a lot of gateways to cover entire cities.  The more hotspots you receive, the more significant rewards you will have. It is in your interest to convince your friends, colleagues, and family to install a gateway even if they are not convinced of cryptos at the moment.

 With 3-4 hotspots in your reception area, you can have rewards of around 400-500 HNT with the current HNT price in euros (3.56 €) this represents a nice sum which during the first month allows you to reimburse your investment.

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