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Cotx Miner

The Cotx miner is an indoor full Hotspot compatible with the Helium Network Cotx. This miner is a supermini type but comes with a strong performance with Raspberry Pi4 based hardware. The Cotx miner also has nicely rich connectors and a display screen to show different working statuses easily. Cotx miner has an FCC certificate with a US915/EU868/CN470 version. The best USP of this miner is the fact that it is really small but has a very strong performance. COtx miner is expandable and practical,it offers high expandability, and it can be implemented in different conditions with several connectivity options such as WiFi and Ethernet.

This new miner has an integrated surveillance camera, audio interfaces, and a built-in OLED screen, which can be accessed in the security system and implemented in the security application. This miner is also proven to be stable and reliable. The built-in low-frequency LoRa chip can meet coverage of 1 km-15 km depending on the actual conditions at the location; it can also transmit data via the LoRa protocol low power WAN transmission.

Cotx miner is, however, an easy troubleshooting miner; with the presence of a status screen on the miner, users can easily check hotspot status; moreover, if you use the Cotx web management tool to check this status, you could get the hotspot’s real status much quicker than other technologies. You can also concur that this is the first miner built and designed for pros because it maximizes HNT earning potential with the most powerful processor and RAM.

Cotx-X3 Miner For sale

It also has configurable enterprise-level hardware that supports large farm applications. With the Cotx miner, there is increased stability and reduced mining losses with fast synchronization with official updates. It also ensures high network coverage with its industry-leading high-gain antenna. This miner has a maximum Performance that features the most powerful Quad-core Cortex-A72 @1.5GHz processor and is configurable up to 8GB of LPDDR4-3200 SDRAM on the market as a 3.5dbi standard antenna or optional industry-leading 8dbi high-gain antenna which means greater network coverage resulting in increased HNT earnings.

Also, when associating with the application of this miner, you need to activate Bluetooth; all you need to do is to press the button on the front and wait until the on-screen timer reaches 0. However, this is different from other miners, where usually a single click is enough, and ask well the font icon helps you see the status. After the Cotx miner is installed, you will be able to access the web dashboard from the local IP displayed on the front panel.

Cotx-X3 Miner

This front panel is really good for getting it and saves time configuring the port forwarding or accessing the dashboard. For this miner to work perfectly well, all you need to do is simply plug the device in line with your existing network and place the antenna as high as possible, preferably near a window with no obstructions, for the best performance. With an overall consideration and excellent professional design, whether the gateway is offline or online, there is always a consistent protection and security mechanism while providing secure data storage and encryption capabilities for securing locally locked data.

The Cotx miner also has a metal casing; this one is really good to dissipate the PI4 heat. The miner becomes reasonably warm after running for a couple of hours. Compared to the RAK design, where the heat transfer between the MCU and the casing is really well designed, the Cotx miner just has a heatsink on top of the MCU without any conducting stuff to the casing.


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