Kerlink Helium Network Compatible Wirnet iFemtoCell Evolution Miner – 868 MhZ


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Kerlink Helium Network Compatible Wirnet iFemtoCell Evolution Miner

Wirnet iFemtocell evolution is an embedded software in our gateways. This software makes sure that the hotspot is working properly. Our ability to integrate new features such as proof of coverage allows us to verify that the hotspots are accurately representing their locations and delivering the expected wireless coverage. We also want to show you how we work together with our partners to make sure that the hardware fulfills your needs.

Regarding orders and delivery time, we should also check with the distributors we ordered from. They are responsible for providing us with a delivery date or a rough estimate. The current worldwide shortage due to the Covid 19 pandemic is causing delays in deliveries of components. However, we are confident that Kerlink and our partners are doing everything possible in order to maintain an optimal production capacity in order to deliver our clients as soon as possible.

Are already deployed Kerlink LoRAWN Gateways compatible? To Date, the current version of Helium miner requires some specific configurations and authentication and only run on gateways embedding new secure core software that isn’t compatible with previous product releases. It is thus now better than considering a dedicated Helium-Network compatible model. It then exists two versions of each products : Helium non-compatible version & helium compatible version. When ordering a product, it needs to explicitly mention as a dedicated Helium network compatible model.

Helium Network

The Helium network is a mesh based network where all nodes communicate directly with other nodes without using any central server. Each node has its own IP address which can be used to identify the device. In this way, data can be sent between devices without going through a central server. The Helium network uses the same technology as the LTE/4G networks but instead of sending data over radio waves, it sends data over Wi-Fi signals.

Helium network is not supported by the current version of the Helium Miner. To use the Helium network, the gateway must have been updated to the latest firmware (version 1.0.1).

Helium network is not supported with the current version of the Kerlink LoRAWN

High performance, reliability & robustness

This device is an indoor gateway for LoRaWAN. It supports eight channels in total. There are two antennas inside this device. These antennas support both licensed and unlicensed frequencies. The device has an ingress protection rating of IP30. It is also certified according to the standard ISO9001:2015. It is compatible with the LoRaWAN specification.

AC/DC power supply, highly secured device relying on a secure core, sniffer for Listen Before Talk,

rx sensitivity -140 dBm,

tx conducted power configurable from 5dB m to 24dBm

maximum TX EIRP 27 dBm

3 dbi peak gain

LoRa swivel antenna

range -20°C + 55°C

humidity 5% to 95%

size 160 x 90 x 35mm

weight 162 g

casing IP 30

cpu ARM cortex A9

ram 256 MB


6 GB available for user.

This device is a wireless sensor network (WSN) node. It uses LoRa technology to communicate with other devices. It also includes an integrated battery charger.


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