Nebra HNT Indoor Hotspot Miner


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Nebra HNT Indoor Hotspot Miner

Helium is an innovative cryptocurrency created for the people. It allows you to earn HNT tokens by providing your location to others who need to access the internet. You get paid for sharing your location and the more locations you share, the more HNT you receive.

Earn HNT cryptocurrency by mining helium and building coverage for The Peoples Network using the Nebra indoor hotspot miner. Anyone can join The Peoples Network and provide hundreds of square miles of wireless network coverage while mining HNT on The Helium blockchain just as hotspot miners does. Complete set up in minutes using a smartphone and longfi technology maximizes range and battery life. low power uses as much power as broadband router (15w) complete setup in minutes using a smartphone

LongFi™ Technology

A technology architecture combining LoRaWAN and blockchain. Optimized for miles of range and long battery life for IOT devices.

Frequency Selection For Nebra Indoor Hotspot Miner

The Nebra HNT Indirect HotSpot Miner is an indoor hotspot miner designed specifically for use in China. This device works at frequencies of 470MHz (China), 868MHz (Europe), 915MHz (USA) or 935MHz (Australia).

The Nebra HNT hotspots use LoRaWAN technology. You can use a variety of frequencies depending on your location. For example, if you’re located in the United States, you could use the US915 frequency variant. Or if you’re located in Europe, you could use the EU868 frequency variant.

Proof of Coverage

Nebra HNT Indirectly rewards users who provide free wifi access to others. HNT Miners are rewarded if they provide proof of being within a certain distance of another miner. This means that HNT Miners can make money even if there isn’t any wifi available nearby.

How much does this miner earn?

There isn’t a constant amount earned per day by the HNT units due to the variations based on a setup to setup base. A coverage map shows you how much others in your region have earned.

Included In The Box

Raspberry Pi Compute Module.

LoRa Concentrator Module.

3dBi Plastic Antenna.

12V Power Supply (Worldwide).

Nebra ECC Key for securely storing your swarm key.

Hotspot $40 on boarding

First $10 location assert

**Any change of location after are covered by the user at a cost of $10 USD / 1,000,000 DC.

*Please note: the current case picture is a placeholder image. We will update the images as soon as we have pictures of the new casing.


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868 MHz(EU868, IN865, RU864), 915 MHz(US915, AU915, KR920, AS923-1/2/3), 470 MHz(CN470)


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