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Panther x1 hotspot

You should be aware that the key to participating in the HNT network is the hotspot equipment, and the quality of the hotspots directly determines the amount of revenue that participants get from the network. Helium Network motivates hotspot miners to purchase Hotspot devices through token incentives and setting up and deploying Hotspot to provide wireless network access for nearby IoT devices. While sorely regarding HNT hotspot mining devices, it is, however, important to talk about a new Hotspot that appeared in the market, and this device is known as the Panther X1 hotspot.

The Panther X1 hotspot has already shown some great results, so let’s dive into seeing how outstanding this hotspot device can be to its miners. Panther X1 is a premium product specially built by E-Sun Electronics Limited for the Helium network. Being an ultra-low-power, ultra-long-distance IoT hotspot gateway suitable for different IoT networks, the Panther X1 HNT Hotspot Miner comes with a 64GB Storage Capacity and a 4GB RAM for the benefit of its users. This device also comes in handy with exclusive advantages such as storage,full-duplex independent channels, multi-hotspot management configuration, and ultra-fast synchronization. Its advanced customization has dramatically increased all its user’s HNT output in the Helium network.

Panther X1 Hotspot

Panther X1 Hotspot is a high-efficiency hotspot for receiving HNT rewards, and it is compatible with Helium LongFi. This architecture combines the leading wireless LoRaWAN protocol and Helium Blockchain technology. That’s not the only outstanding aspect, so the Panther X1 Hotspot is also far ahead in the growth rate of hotspot onboarding in the Helium network, crushing other hotspot manufacturers of its kind.

Panther X1 Hotspot also comes with a low power consumption level with high reliability and performance, which reduces all its users’ operation and maintenance costs while maximizing the benefits of their participation in the network. Thus, it is essential to say that the Panther X1 Hotspot is quietly becoming a prominent hotspot provider in the Helium (HNT) network. With the continuous development of Helium, it is believed that users who participate in the Helium (HNT) network with the help of Panther X1 Hotspot will benefit from the continuous growth of the network.

Furthermore, the Panther X1 Hotspot has promised to work even more challenging with the Helium (HNT) Network, allowing more users interested in joining NHT mining to have a better experience. On the aspect of profitability, data is gotten from a Decentralized Wireless Alliance official website, and it shows the average daily HNT reward for a single Panther X1 Hotspot is 0.59. According to the price of HNT, which equals $23, the average monthly income of each Panther X1 Hotspot can reach $407. In other words, users who purchase Panther X1 Hotspot can break even in less than 36 days. Its ROI value is outstanding in the whole network, and it is the only device in the entire network that can break even so fast.


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