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Panther x2

The incredible Panther X2 is a miner with a high-efficiency hotspot meant for receiving HNT rewards; the miner is compatible with Helium LongFi, which is an architecture that combines the leading wireless LoRaWAN protocol and Helium Blockchain technology. Amazingly, Panther X2 comes with a 4-core high-performance processor, ultra-low power consumption, and an ultra-long-distance Internet Of Things hotspot gateway. In addition, as an information converter for the LoRa communication protocol, the Panther X2 also acts as an end node.

The Panther X2, however, operates by featuring a signal coverage of around 10-20 km. It runs at ultra-low power and can connect to over 2,000 LoRaWAN end nodes within its range. This miner is very susceptible, safe, reliable, and easy to interact with and can be used for environmental monitoring, asset tracking, smart agriculture, and other long-range ultra-low-power IoT applications. Notably, the Panther X2 sends and receives LoRa frames, modulates/demodulates signals, processes LoRa frames and higher-level protocol-related tasks, and eventually transmits data to the LoRaWAN server through Ethernet or WiFi.

Panther X2 Miner

The Ultra-low Power of the Panther X2 is equivalent to a 5W light bulb in power consumption, with daily consumption of 0.12kWh and a monthly cost of around $0.28.It also has a comprehensive coverage featuring an enhanced 3dBi antenna, and it offers a broader and more stable network coverage, which grants higher efficiency for hotspots to obtain cryptocurrency. The miner also consists of a high-performance configuration powered by the latest RK3566 quad-core Cortex-A55 1.8GHz processor; Semtech LoRa chip;4Gmemory;32GB EMMC, and 64GB TF card. And it is secure and trustworthy; because it comes with a built-in ECC encryption chip, and the Panther X2 promises highly secure authentication and reliable connection.

Its comprehensive coverage features enhanced 3dBi antennas, allowing the miner to offer broader and more stable network coverage. This is the easiest miner to set up as its steps are easy to follow, and its hotspot placement is easily managed. Its configuration of multiple hotspots and its background data configuration easily enhance this device’s efficiency.


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