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Rak hotspot miner

RAK Hotspot Miner is the very first third-party device that is LongFi compatible, providing hundreds of square miles of wireless coverage and the ability to mine $HNT on the Helium Blockchain just as Helium Hotspots do today.This RAK Hotspot Miner is customized function exactly like a Helium Hotspot but with a different look and feel. It is also known as The People’s Network.

The RAK Hotspot Miner is one of the many amazing innovations that will come out of a decentralized wireless network for all that is affordable, open, and ubiquitous.Helium and The People’s Network are growing an open-source ecosystem that is decentralized and includes everyone, from the network builders to the network users, developers, manufacturers, distributors, and more.

RAK wireless miner is one of the Helium miner providers, currently the main one (that’s why you’ll find it everywhere). This miner is based on Raspberry PI 4, but we will see that there is not the only part in this miner as Helium blockchain is not about computing but more about radio communications. So the

In terms of radio, miners are equal. In terms of processing power, the Raspberry Pi 3 is more than enough to mine Bitcoin. However, in the next few months, the Validator will be added to the bitcoin network. This will dramatically decrease the number of operations performed by the miner. Because the hardware specifications aren’t as important anymore, we won’t go into details about them.

What is inside RAK Wireless Helium miner box ?

There is basically not a lot inside the box from the left to the right you can see the power supply with a standard USB-c connector. This one is specific to the country where it’s delivered. In the middle it’s the rak v2 miner itself. It’s about 57 mm x 68 mm x 92 mm so it’s really small an easy to store in a small space. This box is full of metal this is very important in different point:

Raspberry Pi can get really warm. The Metal case is heat sink for it, and this is really efficient. Cooling system is very simple but effective. WiFi doesn’t like metal casing for its communication, and the coverage area for a wireless network connection is reduced. Recommended to use a wired connection instead.

The LoRa concentrator is connected to the rak v2 miner via a micro usb cable. This one is used to connect the LoRa concentrator to the raspberry pi. The LoRa concentrator is powered by a 5V/1A power supply.

The LoRa chip is powered by a 2.5V/0.8A power supply.

This is the LoRa concentrator. It’s a little bit bigger than a credit card. It has two antennas, one for transmitting and one for receiving. They are both omni directional.

This is the LoRa concentrators PCB. There are four connectors, one for each antenna. One is for the ground plane, one for the transmit channel, one for the receive channel and one for the power.

The LoRa chips have a maximum output power of 0.02 mW. That means that if your receiver is able to detect the signal at -130 dBm, then it will be able to decode the data.

Radio Power Of Rak V2 IoT Miner

Basically the Miner outputs 14dB. The antenna is really close to a simple half wave dipolar antenna (2.15dB). So you get a system about 16dB. Considering 16dB is equivalent to 14dB conducted. The conducted power of the RAK wireless is 27dB at 868MHz. This test is the maximum authorized power test for the 868MHz band (downlink). The regulation in Europe is 26dB at 868MHz downlink. You can see on the graph a pic at 26.21dB. This is measured conducted on the concentrator UF5 connector. So the 0,21 dBm over the limit will go into the UF5 to RP-SMA plug connector. Concerning the US914 area, the output power of the miner is 27.12dB at 923MHz (Downlink).

The RAK miner is fully functioning in terms of radio signal generation. It is capable of generating a beacon signal at 868MHz. Sensitivity for witnessing is very high.

Rak Wireless makes LoRaWan gateways since a while and are experts of the radio communications. There is no big surprise about them.

How To Setup The Rak V2 Helium Miner

Everything else about a RAK Hotspot Miner from its earning capabilities, coverage creation, and more, are the same or very similar to a Helium Hotspot. To get started, make sure you have the Helium App downloaded to your mobile device.Once you have the app downloaded and a wallet created, unbox the RAK Hotspot Miner and get ready;

In the Helium App, goto Hotspots and press +.
When asked what you’d like to add to the network, select the RAK Hotspot Miner.

Continue the onboarding flow and make sure you select a good place for the Hotspot so it has a clear view of the sky. Obstructions and hidden Hotspots drastically impede earnings and coverage.
Plug in the RAK Hotspot Miner to power it on. A small red light will appear when it’s powered on.

Once powered on, the RAK Hotspot Miner will be discoverable for 5 (five) minutes. This is when you can pair with the Hotspot with your mobile app. It may take up to a minute for the RAK Hotspot Miner to completely boot up with Bluetooth. Note that there is no blue light from the RAK Hotspot Miner to indicate it’s in pairing mode.

The Hotspot Miner will appear in the list. Select the Hotspot to continue.
Next you’ll see an Add Hotspot screen. The cost to add a RAK Hotspot Miner is free.

Confirm Hotspot Location. The cost to set a location for a RAK Hotspot Miner is free for two locations.
The Hotspot is now being added to the Network. Because this is a blockchain, your Hotspot may take a few minutes to appear in the app.

View and manage your Hotspot in the Hotspots tab of the mobile app. Conclusion:RAK hotspot is a really cool miner, working well with a really good radio performance, a tiny size and a really good enclosure for RPI4 heat sink. The price is correct according to the usual price of LoRaWan gateway and the extra element needed for Helium.

Rak Hotspot Miner For Sale

If you’re searching about this, then you’d have probably heard about HNT and want to earn so. Well, the process is quite easy and straight forward. We have a blogpost about setting up your miner which you can read. The Rak Hotspot Miner V2 is now available in limited stock, so you should hurry and order while it last. Our prices are also unbeatable not to talk of the wide payment options we accept. Buy your rak hotspot miner online today


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