What is Helium crypto? 

What is Helium crypto? 

Helium is a digital currency that was launched in October of last year. The project’s developers describe Helium as “a peer-to-peer decentralized mobile network based on blockchain technology”. To put it simply, Helium aims to be the next generation of the Internet by creating a more secure and private ecosystem for content, communications, and commerce. In this article, we’ll explore the project in-depth and help you understand what it is and what it can do for you. If you want to learn more about digital currencies or would like an overview of their potential before diving in further, continue reading.

As an anonymous cryptocurrency that uses the Zerocoin protocol for privacy. Helium was created by the Dark Wallet team and launched in October of last year. It’s a fork of Zcash. Helium is a community-driven project and its development has been led by the community since it was originally launched. It operates on the Bitcoin platform and is not an altcoin in its own right, like many other privacy coins. This guide will explain Helium, where it came from, and how it works as an anonymous cryptocurrency.

Background and History 

Helium is a cryptocurrency that was created using the Ethex blockchain, which is a digital ledger that isn’t controlled by any single entity. In other words, it’s not owned or controlled by anyone. You can think of it as being decentralized. This means no one person or organization has full control over Helium tokens. It also means every Helium token is worth the same amount of money, as there are no owners with more tokens than others and everyone has an equal stake in the system. In this post, we will explore what Helix (helium) is, its history, distribution model, and how it works within the wider crypto ecosystem. If you’re new to digital currency and wondering what cryptocurrency you should invest in today, then read on!

What exactly is Helium crypto?

Helium is a cryptocurrency that leverages blockchain technology to create “a decentralized mobile network based on content, communications, and commerce”. With the Helium Network, content creators can monetize their content directly, eliminating middlemen and increasing revenue. Consumers can securely purchase anything from services and products, like mobile phone contracts or even homes, from anyone, anywhere in the world. The Helium Network can generate revenue in two ways. The network may charge for access to certain features such as faster speeds, security, or access to specific content. Users may also pay for content directly, eliminating the need for middlemen.

How Does Helium Work?

The distributed ledger at the heart of the Helium Network is the decentralized node. Users download the Helium app and connect to the distributed ledger from their mobile phone or computer. The app then acts as a secure node, verifying and storing the blockchain. Users can then send and receive helium cryptocurrency using Electrum, a secure and robust wallet. The Helium Network provides a number of secure and privacy-focused services and applications. It has a browser that is secure and private. The Helium Store allows users to find and transact with each other using a decentralized marketplace. The Helium Marketplace allows users to find and rent their spare disk space, complete with data privacy controls.

Related Terminologies

By now, you get the general idea about what Helium crypto is all about. Allow us to take you deeper into this world by sharing with you the most prominent words related to Helium crypto. 

Like many other projects, Helium uses its own blockchain for the Helium Network. A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed ledger that records all transactions across a network automatically. Transactions are permanent and immutable, allowing for irrefutable evidence of the transaction. Each new transaction overwrites the previous one, making it impossible to change any previous transaction. This makes the Helium Network very secure since it has no single point of failure. The Helium Network uses the EIP blockchain. EIP is a protocol designed specifically for the Helium Network. It uses a hybrid protocol, which means it only stores part of the transaction history. This reduces the size of the data stored on the blockchain and makes it more manageable and scalable.

  • Helium Wallet

The Helium Wallet is a desktop application that allows users to connect to the Helium Network. The wallet is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The wallet allows users to sign transactions, create, manage and store multiple addresses. Its wallet also includes a built-in pin pad, which allows anyone to view the public key and view the address of any Helium address. Helium is developing a new wallet that will be available soon. The new wallet is simple and more user-friendly. It will include features like a light theme, a clean and minimalist interface, and an App browser.

Pros and Cons of the Helium network 

In the preceding parts of this article, we will be discussing some of the highs and lows of Helium Cryptocurrency. 

Helium Benefits

  • Fully Secure 

Helium leverages blockchain technology to fully secure the Helium Network. Unlike centralized networks, Helium doesn’t have any single point of failure. This makes the network much more secure. 

  • Transparent & Decentralised 

The Helium Network uses a decentralized architecture that makes it transparent. Unlike centralized networks, everything on the Helium Network is visible and discoverable.  

  • Cost-Effective 

With no middlemen, Helium can be much less expensive than traditional networks. This is especially true for international payments. 

  • Privacy & Security 

Helium uses blockchain technology to fully secure its network. This means all transactions are secure and private.

Key HELIUM Challenges

  • Scalability 

Blockchain technology has scaled well enough to handle an influx of new users, but Helium must overcome the issue of scalability. The Helium Network can handle a large number of users, though the technology is new. 

  • Adoption & Investmen

Despite its potential, the Helium Network has only one product, the Helium Network. To reach critical mass and become widely used, the product must gain adoption and see investment. 

  • Competition

 Helium faces competition from centralized and decentralized networks that already provide similar services. To succeed, Helium will have to make its network stand out.


Helium is an innovative cryptocurrency that aims to create a more secure and private Internet. The project leverages blockchain technology to create a decentralized network that is fully secure and fully transparent. The Helium Network also has low costs, no middlemen, and provides users with plenty of privacy and security. In other words, Helium is built to take over the internet by interconnecting people around the world. 

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